Search Engine Optimization

Content on the Internet is constantly being changed and updated. In order to be found online by potential customers looking for your products or services, search engines must be encouraged to list your site in their search results. Search engines use complex formulas and algorithms to determine which pages are highly ranked, and which are not. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that organizes web page content in the way that search engines prefer. A well-organized site is easy for spiders (small bits of code created by the search engines) to "crawl" through your site and catalog it. Keep in mind that these are computer programs - not people - and what they find appealing isn't always what your visitors would necessarily enjoy. Even the most stunning website in its visual appeal may have a very low ranking on Google.

My SEO techniques combine visual appeal with search engine appeal, making your site easy on the eyes, as well as easy to find using common search terms.

SEO for Google

Getting ranked number one on Google is the most important goal for many clients I serve, as no other search engine outperforms or is used more than Google. Achieving your web page listing being on page one of Google search results is more complicated than the same achievement on Bing or Yahoo. It is also far more beneficial because of Google’s prominence as a search engine.

White Hat Methods

At Fox IT Concepts, I only perform "White Hat SEO" practices that are accepted by Google and the Digital Marketing Industry. This means that my tactics focus on human audiences to get your site ranking over your competitors as opposed to just growing your ranking digitally.

Local SEO

Many businesses are strictly local in scope. Understanding this is important for proper and effective SEO development. Content on local sites needs to clearly inform Google and other search engines where the business is located and what cities are served. Ineffective local SEO can lead to low conversion rates.

I understand the importance of your web presence when it comes to marketing locally. I offer everything from basic local SEO services, all the way up to advanced multi-page SEO services. These services may include site and content optimization, creating and maintaining your business presence on social networks, video marketing and optimization, & much more.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With Professional Content Writing Services

Having professional, well crafted, original content written for your website is an absolute must when it comes to being recognized by search engines and driving high levels of traffic to each one of your web pages. A web content writing service is designed to not only increase your traffic, but also increase your conversion rate by encouraging more clicks from visitors to your site and getting them to go from being merely visitors to becoming customers.

Google is always evolving their complex search algorithms and understanding them is a full-time job. I specialize in knowing the ins and outs of Google’s processes and know how to produce content that will cause rankings to rise consistently!